Our Approach

Breathe Unity offers bespoke Sports PR services for the sports industry, working with Events, Races, Brands and Communities

With over 25 years’ experience in the sports, running, triathlon and wellbeing sectors, we are proud to be one of the leaders in Sports PR and race representation. We are passionate about helping people connect, inspiring a healthy lifestyle and endorsing the power of sport to enhance people’s lives.

Why Breathe Unity?

Breathe Unity is a Sports PR, Sponsorship and Consultancy company creating a collective of like-minded people to connect, collaborate and grow together.

At Breathe Unity, our unrivalled industry knowledge and contacts are key to the success of our campaigns, which include raising the profile of mass participation sports events, providing full race day support and bringing together brands through unique partnerships.

In addition to sports and fitness we place equal importance on health and wellbeing. Our awesome team can often be found promoting activities, routines and nutrition that keep us mentally alert and physically able, in order to achieve our goals. When we’re not being creative in the office, you’ll often find us running, playing tennis or winding down with a sun salutation.

Our Unique Approach

We have over 25 years of sports industry knowledge and understanding, which we have moulded to create services that work for your business at an affordable investment.

We will create a path of visibility for your business that complements and enhances what you do, whilst showcasing it to the world through traditional and new media.

The Breathe Unity approach is all about uniting, connecting, collaborating and networking.

We like to be creative and explore channels of exposure and revenue that may not be immediately obvious. We utilise our media contacts and experience to maximise your campaign success. Most importantly, we create a solid foundation that works for your business, brand or event on every level, long term.

Our main office is in the thriving hub of Spinningfields, Manchester, from where we enjoy an international client base and global reach.

Breathe Unity Services

Sports PR+ 

At Breathe Unity we offer more than a standard public relations service, which is why we call what we do PR+ Services.

This includes the following options for your business:

  • Media Relations
  • Press Release (CDF)
  • Media Communications
  • Product Placement and Follow Up
  • Sourcing and Responding to Feature Opportunities
  • Media Partnerships (CSM)
  • Social Media Platforming (SMP)
  • Creative Business Content (CBC)
  • Launch Management
  • Full Event Planning, PR, Promotion and Sponsorship Services for:
    • Sports Events
    • Sports Conferences
    • Sports Awards
    • Sports Product Launches
  • Full PR Services for Mass Participation Sports Events
  • Specific Race Day / Event Support Services for Sports Events
    • Full PR Services and Support
    • Social Media Support Services
    • Full Sponsorship Services
    • Channels of Revenue Creation and Implementation for Your Event
    • Preventative PR – a unique, unrivalled and exclusive service
    • Race Day Media Support (on site, pre and post event)
    • Blogger Engagement and Support
    • Media Runner Recruitment and Support
    • Charity Partnership Development, Recruitment and Support
    • Sponsorship Creation, Engagement and Management
    • Partner Relationship Management
    • Stakeholder Relationship Management
    • Athlete Management
    • Celebrity Management
    • Crisis Management
We specialise in a 360 degree solution for Sports Events and Races, including structuring events to become sponsored sell-out events. We have an immense history in this sector, with services and support given to many very recognisable events.

Sports Sponsorship

At Breathe Unity we work with many very successful and recognisable events and awards across the UK and further afield. We have developed a unique approach including our very own F.I.T. (Flawless, Interaction, Timeless) Test. We help events and clients create the best participation experience, whilst ensuring success for all involved and making the event a secure opportunity for sponsors.


At Breathe Unity we offer Consultancy for any business or individual in any industry who wants to develop or enhance business skills and strategy.

Breathe Connect 

Breathe Connect is an inclusive service to connect together through our unity approach, creating a strong accessible network for you and your business.

This is also a stepping stone option to full budget services, offering the first step of PR investment for your business and enabling you to visualise the benefits and opportunities that good PR will bring. By using the Breathe Coach service, or becoming a Breathe Partner, you make the first step towards Breathe Unity connecting you to a wider industry audience for you and your business.

  • Breathe Coach
  • Breathe Partner

The professional standards of the Breathe Unity team are exceptionally high. Breathe Unity possesses the right combination of skills, knowledge, experience and contacts to guarantee excellent relationship management and the ability to communicate your key messages to a wide audience.

The Breathe Unity ethos is all about sharing experience and passion for the sports industry. We use our knowledge, relationships and creativity to inspire, support and develop sports businesses, brands and mass sports participation events.

“Our client base consists of sports brands, sports services, mass participation sporting events, tourism bodies, award events, water sport businesses, triathlons, duathlons, half marathons, marathons and 10K races, plus obstacle, endurance and race series”.

Get in touch with us today to have a chat and to find out how Breathe Unity can help you and your business.