At Breathe Unity we offer Consultancy for any business or individual, in any industry, who wants to develop their business skills.

Consultancy is a strategy waiting to happen for your business, with an additional tool kit and advice on hand every day.

“We provide consultancy to businesses across diverse industries, all of whom tap into our superb skill set whilst utilising our experience. We work with individuals of all levels, including Senior Management, to develop specific business skills for everyday use, including for those new to working in a management position”.

Consultancy provides a series of usable skills to give you the edge. These skills can be applied to a business directly, or through a personal development journey for all levels of management requiring additional business skills and application.

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Consultancy Specifically for Sports Events 

At Breathe Unity we have worked with many successful and recognisable mass participation events across the UK and beyond, this being one of our Breathe Unity specialist areas. 

We have developed a unique approach, including a F.I.T. Test, to help events deliver the best participant experience, to ensure success of the event for all involved and to create a secure opportunity for partners.

How F.I.T. is your event or concept?

There is no single formula for an event to be successful and attract solid partners but at Breathe Unity we can help you to be visible and a good proposition for potential partners. 

At Breathe Unity we have unrivalled success with each of the events, Race Directors, Charities, Partners, Sponsors and Teams that we work with.

Our goal is to help you – the race organiser – to create the perfect event platform that has stability and longevity, ensuring that everyone involved enjoys and wants to return to the event – whether running, volunteering, sponsoring, partnering, supporting or supplying.

“Breathe Unity can and will make a huge difference to your event and channels of revenue – so the question is, how F.I.T. is your event or concept already?”


  1. Flawless – Does your event have any flaws hampering its success or sponsorship attraction? Let’s investigate together and create a flawless plan.
  2. Interaction – Do you interact with your audience to your full potential? Could you do more or less and achieve more purposeful interaction? Let’s create a plan of interaction together, making sure all touch points, promotional conversations and opportunities are covered in advance, so that we can present this together to your audience.
  3. Timeless – Does your event or concept have a lifespan and if so why? You may need a revamp to ensure you have the most relevant social media platforming (SMP), creative, branding, structure and language for your event. We can work together to develop strategies to ensure your attraction is at its best for participation, media, charity, volunteering, partnering and sponsorship support.

You can expect: growth; increase in participation numbers; increased media coverage; greater awareness; partner and sponsorship development; all the above working towards achieving a sell-out event that sells out more rapidly over the years.

These are the first steps for your event to become the F.I.T.T.E.S.T. it has ever been and ready for the journey ahead.


This involves Timely, Executed, Secure and Tested execution, bringing results that prove all that can be achieved together and how attractive your event can be to sponsors.

Our products include 26.2 Marathon Journey, 13.1 Half Marathon Journey, 10K Journey, 5K or less journey, Endurance, Obstacle and Ultra Journey. These are bespoke to the Sports Event Industry and specific to each event we work with.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your event or brand opportunities.

“We have been involved and worked with many very successful, highly visible races in the UK and abroad. For these races we use all forms of the bespoke journey packages we have created for the sports event industry. Some races we are very visible on, while for others we work more in the background, but are there as and when required. No race is the same and every race needs a specific plan and focus. We work with many partners across a number of events and the Breathe Unity name is an assurance of quality and success”.

“We are very careful which events we work with and this is reflected by the quality partners of the event receive in return for their investment”. 

“The F.I.T. TEST we have created ensures a dedication to review, manage and channel a race’s attention to ensure it is the F.I.T.T.E.S.T. it has ever been, ready to give everyone the most back and the best experience ever for all involved”.

Rebecca Richardson, MD and Founder of Breathe Unity

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