At Breathe Unity we offer Consultancy for any business or individual, in any industry, who wants to develop their business skills.

Consultancy is a strategy waiting to happen for your business, with an additional tool kit and advice on hand every day.

“We provide consultancy to businesses across diverse industries, all of whom tap into our superb skill set whilst utilising our experience. We work with individuals of all levels, including Senior Management, to develop specific business skills for everyday use, including for those new to working in a management position”.

Consultancy provides a series of usable skills to give you the edge. These skills can be applied to a business directly, or through a personal development journey for all levels of management requiring additional business skills and application.

Do you want the edge over your competitors? We can help you maximise your business potential with a bespoke strategy. Get in touch to talk through what we could do for your business today.

 Training and Development 

Out team has a strong background in training and development, and we will utilise our skills and connections to design a specific training course for your business and personal development. This can range from PR and social media training to one-to-one coaching and development.

Contact us today to discuss your business and /or personal coaching and development requirements.