Lewis Crathern: April 2017 News

30th April 2017

“Sardinia, Australia and New Zealand – what a month! I can’t recall ever travelling this much, but when the opportunities are there you have to take them. Welcome to my latest news from April.” Lewis Crathern

Australia / New Zealand

Lewis Crathern KitesurferLong on my wish list has been a trip to New Zealand and Australia and whilst at this moment I can’t share the exact reason why I visited, I can talk about how it felt to be there.

I didn’t spend the longest time in Brisbane but stopped off briefly to enjoy the place before I headed to New Zealand.

Lewis Crathern kitesurferNew Zealand blew me away! It is so beautiful and the kiting was superb. There is almost a sense of the UK there to me, with all the open fields and green landscapes, but it’s way more mountainous. We drove quite some miles around the North and South of the island and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to see the place. I look forward to sharing this trip further with you in due course!

Lewis Crathern Sardinia Road Trip

Last month I mentioned to you that I was in Sardinia. It was all the way back in 2005 that I first went to the island and I didn’t return until last year, for the competition in Porto Pollo. I recognised straight away that it would be a great place to take the van, so off I went near the end of March. To say that this trip exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. I drove the whole island and felt completely at ease with the people and the culture. The kiting was also great and I was able to open up to a new discipline of the sport which requires you to use a ‘strapless’ surfboard.

Lewis Crathern Sardinia

With Cape Town being so full on this year, it was essential that I spent some time kiting and exploring a location with a slower pace of life. Travelling and living in my van is a way of life to me and I have to thank Huets the In-Car Specialists for helping me achieve perfect harmony between man and machine.

Lewis CrathernI believe the interior design of my van is the most effective and efficient you can possibly achieve for a Kitesurfer. This was all possible by measuring around all of my kites and boards and thinking really hard how I wanted to use it. Before you put that standard conversion in your van, consider contacting these guys or drop me a line – I love to talk about this stuff!

Kite and SUP Youth Tour

The Armada Trust, the BKSA and BSUPA are delighted to launch the first ever Kite & SUP Youth Tour. The Tour will run throughout April and May, visiting eight tour stops around the country and aiming to engage over 1,000 young people who have never tried power kiting or SUP boarding before. What an amazing opportunity to get involved in these sports this is  – I would have loved this when I was younger.

Lewis Crathern Kite and SUP Youth Tour

For full details click here, or to register a young person to take part in a free power kite or SUP session click here!

Other News from Lewis Crathern

Lewis Crathern kitesurfer

Shown above: 2 images featured in IKSURF Magazine #62 which is a great article on strong wind and how to handle it.

I’m back in the UK now, and as I’ve hardly been here this year I’m looking forward to getting back to school and coaching over the next few months.

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