Lewis Crathern: August 2017 Update

1st September 2017

Lewis Crathern kitesurfer

“In August I visited Lithuania to attend my first ‘Kite Fiesta’ whilst also being busy back home. Beware a new ‘Rebelution’ is taking place! See my hometown in a new light and don’t forget you too can understand the weather better!” Lewis Crathern

Lithuania Kite Fiesta

Lewis Crathern Lithuania Kite Fiesta

It has always been my goal to try and visit a new country at least once a year. Even though I managed that already (Australia/New Zealand), the chance popped up in August to visit another one, Lithuania. I have never forgotten my aspirations when I was learning to Kitesurf all those years ago. It was my goal to have real Kitesurfing sponsors and to travel representing them whilst sharing my passion for the sport. An invite from North Kiteboarding to attend the 2017 Kite Fiesta to host, judge and engage the community was right up my street 🙂

Lewis Crathern Lithuania Kite FiestaLasse Walker, my good friend and North Kiteboarding team mate, would join me on the journey to Svencele, where we had a great time judging together, riding and offering our tips when possible.

Right: I explain the judging criteria and what we are looking to see from the riders throughout the event.

Lewis Crathern LithuaniaThe highlight of the event to me had to be the relay race which is something that I never saw before in Kitesurfing. One lap had to be completed by each rider, but what did they have to pass over? The kite of course – what a great idea! Maybe the start of a new format!

I loved my time in Lithuania and could not recommend a visit more. The Kitesurfing was great, always launching our kites from perfectly cut grass which is a home comfort to me. I also met some great people and extend my thanks for being looked after so well.

The New 2018 North Rebel

Lewis Crathern 2018 North Rebel

The 2018 North Rebel Kite is out! If ever there was a kite that needs no introduction it is the Rebel, one of the most popular kites of all time. For the first time in the Rebel’s history, it can now be flown on 4 or 5 lines. What this means to non Kitesurfers and Kitesurfers alike is that it has become more user friendly. It is my go-to Kite for huge boosts – I love the Rebel!

2018 North RebelThe photo above was taken during the shoot in New Zealand earlier on in the year.

Right is the view from my perspective when jumping with one of these things in my home town. If you click the image it will take you to the video of that jump! If you are local you can arrange a demo, just get in touch.

Picnic in the Park

Lewis Crathern Picnic in the ParkYet again Picnic in the Park would take place on a dry sunny day in Tarring, in my hometown of Worthing. This family-friendly event has been taking place for years now.

As I’ve mentioned before, it provides children and adults a rare chance to get right up close to the equipment. Children stand on the board and hold the Kite Bar imagining they are out to sea (actually tied to my wheel!) whilst the parents can enquire about the sport in an easy environment. It works perfectly actually, kids engaged and parents with some space to talk. I hear it all the time, “I’ve always wanted to try Kitesurfing“, and hopefully I’ve helped push some people towards that special moment of taking action.

Windguru episodes continue

Lewis CrathernExplaining the difference between Forecast Models: Episode 3 of my tips videos with Windguru. Take a look here.

There are lots of different ways to look at a weather forecast, even the one you see on TV might not be accurate. Everyone loves to see a 5 day or longer forecast, but the reality is the most accurate one is the short term one and more specific to your area. I love learning about the weather and it comes hand in hand when you practise the sport of Kitesurfing. What I find really interesting is that it doesn’t matter what your passions are, everyone wants to know about the weather, from my dad playing golf, to my mum hanging out the washing… Don’t always trust what they tell you on TV when you can learn what’s really going on yourself!

Discover Worthing with Radical Ape

Lewis Crathern Radical Ape

Radical Ape Productions created this amazing video filmed by Worthing’s famous Pier. Click the image for the video. In near perfect conditions at sunrise they were able to follow me around with their drone whilst I kited one of my favourite spots in the world. Worthing Pier is the golden landmark of my Home Town and has an immense meaning to me. Voted inside the top 3 nearly ever year in the UK Pier of the Year contest, it is always a special moment to be kitesurfing alongside this structure that has been around since the early 1800’s. See Kitesurfing and Worthing’s Pier captured from a very unique angle #discoverworthing.

Other News

Lewis Crathern

Above, making it into IKSURF Mag #64 which you can read online.

Thanks Crystal at MAC Kiteboarding for producing this great 7 minute video providing plenty of insight to my jumping techniques. Well worth a watch.

Visiting Surf Expo 6-9th of September in Orlando? Make sure you drop by the Bbtalkin Stand – Change the way you coach!

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