Lewis Crathern: December 2017 News

3rd January 2018

Lewis Crathern Cape Town King of the Air 2018

“Happy new year everybody! I’m back in Cape Town to start 2018 on a high. Here is what I got up to in December…” Lewis Crathern

Lewis Crathern in ‘The Line’ – I’m Vlogging!

Had you told me even one month ago that I would become a ‘Vlogger’, I would have laughed at you! How quickly things can change! I consider myself to be a private person and I even found Social Media hard to grasp initially. A good friend of mine Ben Beholz from Frestiel Media Productions was able to convince me it would be a good idea and he did so over a 1-hour coffee in my hometown. As a very passionate kitesurfer and film-maker he been producing great Vlogs for some time. The key thing Ben was able to argue with me is that it is possible to do this stuff completely naturally. So now I am more motivated than ever to get the camera out and show you more of my world. The first episode of The Line is out, ‘Returning To The Mother City‘. I would love for you to give it a watch and let me know what you think.

Brazil World Kiteboarding League

Lewis Crathern Brazil World Kiteboarding LeagueRound 5 of the World Kiteboarding League took me to Brazil. Cumbuco is known to be one of the world’s best kitesurfing locations and many of the top riders in the world live at this location. It is always warm as it lies close to the Equator, not far from Fortaleza in the North. This was my first time at this spot in Brazil and it felt good to be visiting this famous place which had strangely taken me so long to get to. The Trial event (where riders compete for the last spot in the main event) ran smoothly with some epic riding, but the main event struggled with an almost never seen before disappearance of the wind.

Lewis Crathern Brazil World Kiteboarding League

We had a great first day of action and throughout the event produced some exciting ‘behind the scenes’ live content for the many viewers watching online. From how the riders prepare, to the medical set up, food, spectator areas and Media/Commentary booth we showed you everything. Using my Bb Talkin Wireless headset Live on Air, I was even able to talk you through how it feels to be Kitesurfing and what to look out for from the riders. You can see that special moment right here. A great year on tour and good work Case Productions for taking our LiveStream to the next level.

Lancing Kite Quiz

Lewis Crathern Lancing Kite QuizSomehow I’ve become a Kitesurfing Pub Quiz Master. Do I care? No, I love it! I have always loved presenting and by coming up with some really fun Kitesurfing related questions I have found a great way in which to entertain Kitesurfing Communities. This time it would be at my local club – Lancing Kitesurfing Club – for the Xmas do. Teams are split into 5 people max and a strict ‘No Phone’ rule is explained at the start. In fact if you see another team with the phone out you are encouraged to tell me so I can ban them for that question 🙂

I find using video and images makes for a way more exciting Quiz but the test for me is to keep coming up with new questions. There are only so many I can create which relate to the Lancing Green Car Parking fees (but I did manage again).

Congrats to the winning team and thanks also to North Kiteboarding, Windguru, KiteWorldMag & Progression for some great prizes. The Bridge Inn at Shoreham was a great location and made us feel very welcome. Photos by Eunice Bergin.

Cape Town and King of the Air

Lewis Crathern King of the Air

The Red Bull King of the Air 2018 window is almost upon us and so I head out here to Cape Town / South Africa to prepare. It is my second home and I have frequented these shores for over 10 years. Christmas has come and gone and so my focus becomes entirely on kiting as much as possible. So far we have had some great days and you can tell by the photo above how happy it makes me to be riding here. The shot above is why I come. With such strong wind we can boost high into the sky and steer our kites round in a loop known as ‘A Megaloop’. This feeling is so exhilarating 20 meters up in the air, it is hard to describe. I’ll be here now until the end of Feb.

Lewis Crathern – Other News

Lewis Crathern News December 2017

– Above – The Kite Mag #23 featuring a nice article ‘Tangled Lines’ where other riders and industry figures asked me questions.

– The Bb Talkin Kite/Wind Surf Cap is available! I’m wearing it in the Brazil shot taken in this newsletter. Get it here.

Lewis Crathern Kitesurfer KiteboarderI wish you all the best for 2018,


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