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31st July 2017

Lewis Crathern

“I couldn’t have asked for a better month! A great event at the Canadian Kite Clash kicked things off at the start of July and I kept the rhythm going back home in the UK. Here is the latest from my world…” Lewis Crathern

Lewis Crathen Canadian Kite ClashDouble Podium / Canadian Kite Clash

This was my 3rd trip in a row to the annual Canadian Kite Clash Open. The small town of Squamish, which lies about an hour north of Vancouver, hosts the event and offers perfect conditions for Kiteboarding.

What really made it special this year was the added bonus of coinciding with Canada’s 150th Birthday – what a party! The event has become of my favourites on the calendar due to its special blend of Kiteboarding disciplines and its unique location.

Lewis Crathern

Nowhere in the world can the public be entertained by the action right in front of them. This is so special as often with kiteboarding we ride quite far out on the open sea, but here we can blast straight past the crowds who come to watch on the edge of the rocks. This is so positive for Kiteboarding and people that might be interested in taking up the sport. Part of my role at the event is to MC in between my heats and this distinctive location lends itself to new innovative ways to broadcast.

Lewis CrathernPictured right, I am wearing my Bb Talkin bluetooth intercom to speak live to the crowd whilst upside down in one of my heats. This type of interaction is just incredible and as far as I am aware a first in Kiteboarding. Of course I am always competitive and I come here to compete well, so I do most of the talking in between heats, however I could not resist multi-tasking in a couple of them 🙂

Eventually I won the Twin Tip KiteX which involves high speed racing, tangles and drama as up to 14 riders speed through a downwind obstacle course. This discipline is set for the Olympic Games! Pictured below is a great shot where I’m about to corner ahead of a group of riders. I also picked up 2nd in the Big Air which rounded a great event. Don’t forget to check out this video where I was able to take a beer out the hand of a spectator whilst performing a kiteboarding jump, which really went down well!

Lewis Crathern

Kitesurfing at School

Lewis CrathernFreshly motivated after the event in Canada, I returned home and headed straight to school to pass on the great messages that Kiteboarding has to offer.

Starting with Durrington Infant & Junior School, I brought in all the gear and tailored an interactive presentation to their current theme of ‘Extreme Sports’. The students were amazing and enjoyed the videos and pictures I had to show them as well as my explanation of the various equipment we use.

Lewis CrathernThe students were incredibly engaging and luckily for them the weather allowed for a demonstration of the big Kitesurfing Kites on the field. It’s especially nice for me to do this when the weather allows. It allows young people to touch and feel the equipment. Combined with an amazing trainer kite session (very small kite) the discussions we’ve had inside can really come alive outside. They can truly feel the power of the wind.

Next up, it was back to my first school, Lyndhurst Infant School. I find speaking to the students here to be a really special experience. As I set up before they walk in flashes of memories come back to me, of when I also once sat in assembly at the young ages of 4-7. I try to use these emotions to inspire the children and get their creative thoughts going. What types of new sports might come about as they grow up? The questions they ask never cease to amaze me. Imagine being asked, “Can you fly to the moon”?

10 Essentials after Boosting with Lewis Crathern – Complete!

Lewis CrathernMy 10 Essentials After Boosting with WOO Sports has received over 36,330 views already and you can watch the whole playlist here. Please note that the final Episode (EP10 Double Rolls) will appear live on the 2nd of August. It’s been an incredible 10 weeks of focused coaching for me. I was determined to stick to this 1 episode per week summer schedule so Kiteboarders could make the most of the great warm weather Kiting in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is the first series I’ve properly directed and produced myself and I’ve loved every minute of it. Hours of editing which involved many deep thoughts on the best way to explain something has been great fun. My next series is already in the planning stages, but for now I’d like to thank Sam Medysky, Geoffrey Waterson, The Squamish Windsports Society and WOO Sports for making this series possible.

Coaching and Demos

Lewis Crathern

July was incredibly windy here on the south coast of England, so I got busy coaching on the water. Pictured above a very memorable session with Mark G in quite extreme conditions (30 knots). We had a blast at high tide focusing on entering the water in big a shore dump, boosting higher and high wind riding technique. Using my BbTalkin headsets I am in constant communication with my student. I couldn’t imagine coaching without it!

During July I also managed a 1-1 session with Zoe S, who was riding amazingly, and a full day’s coaching with London Kitesurfing Club through The Kitesurf Centre in Camber. Riders that took part in that session were treated to a full Demo from North Kiteboarding UK. Keep an eye out for further events where you can try all the latest North Kiteboarding gear for free!

In 2017 I’ve worked with over 35 riders; are you next? Drop me a line!….

Lancing Kitesurf Club Social

Lewis CrathernThe final Thursday of KITE NITE with Lancing Kitesurfing Club finished with a session from myself. Thanks to everyone who made it down – it was great to catch up with you, plus to see some new and now regular faces! I answered questions and shared tips on everything from big boosting, to board and fin selection, plus even shared some of my well regarded secrets like packing kites up efficiently.

I am especially proud of my local Kite Club that always seem to be doing something productive for every one. I especially recommend you to take part in the ‘Kite Pub Quiz’ that will take place before the year is out!

Other News from Lewis Crathern…

Lewis Crathern

Featured coverage above with my tutorials continued in KiteWorld Magazine, an article in BN1 Magazine which can be read online here and the local Worthing Herald.

For something different, read my blog post for North Kiteboarding on how the North Nugget (Strapless Surfboard) has inspired me on the water.

Congrats to all that took part in our sister event from the Kitesurfing Armada – The SUP Armada. A nice wrap up of the event can be read here.

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