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1st July 2017

Virgin Kitesurfing Armada Lewis Crathern

“This update comes straight from beautiful Squamish, Canada, as I prepare for the 2017 Canadian Kite Clash. Summer kicked in across the UK in June and here’s what I got up to…” Lewis Crathern

Virgin Kitesurfing Armada

Lewis Crathern kiteboarderThe 5th Virgin Kitesurfing Armada (pictured above) took place at Hayling Island and this year we had the best forecast ever! With so much going on the water it was soon to become the most action packed Armada yet. On the Saturday and Sunday I put on a BBTalkin demonstration, which are starting to become very popular. Talking through speakers to the spectators on the beach is really providing an incredible insight to what goes on in our mind as we kitesurf. It’s also a great opportunity to offer some coaching tips whilst showing them at the same time.

Pro riders Nick Jacobsen, Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light and Gisela Pulido were in attendance whilst other action included Foiling Clinics, Big Air, The British Freestyle Championships, Free Riding, Parties, Camping, Kite Industry exhibition, Live Music, Talks Tent and more. We were blessed with some incredible waves at the event, possibly the best I’ve seen in ten years in Hayling, which really added to the weekend’s enjoyment. The Kitesurfing Armada has established itself as one of the World’s Leading Community Kiteboarding events and I am really proud of how it has developed over the years.

Virgin Kitesurfing Armada Lewis Crathern

Network Albion Business Club

Lewis Crathern Network Albion Business ClubAlways keen to present and engage an audience, I took up the opportunity to be Guest Speaker at Network Albion Business Club. It was a really special morning for me, as those that know me will vouch for how much I love football. The location was none other than Brighton & Hove Albion’s Premier League ground of the Amex! Using Kitesurfing as my tool, I spoke to over 100 people explaining the similarities between my skills as a Professional Kitesurfer and those used in everyday business. It was a pleasure to speak to so many people especially personally afterwards and I’d like to say thanks for inviting me.

Eco Summit Day

Lewis Crathern Eco Summit DayI was back running my Workshops at Eco Summit day, now in its 10th year. ‘The Power of The Wind’ was my theme and over the course of the day I spoke to 3 different groups of students about a variety of subjects. On a very light wind day I could show how the big kites fly on the field, and back in the classroom we could look at what really makes an eco sport.

This was also a great chance to run my first Eco Quiz where the winner won a Mystic Cap. In a close final I can’t believe how good the 2 answers were to my question, “In 2005 what percentage of the UK’s Electricity came from Wind Energy?”. Incredibly the 2 students guessed 8% and 10%, with the answer being 11%. That’s a really good awareness from these young people!

Lewis Crathern Coaching and Demos

Lewis Crathern CoachingOver the course of June the wind has been superb for coaching. Christian took the opportunity to come down to Worthing and ride with me using some of the latest North gear. We had a great time over 2 hours and I was very confident that there was some great progression shown.

I also made it down to Poole Harbour for the H20 North Demo which also had good wind. These sessions are great; Kitesurfers can turn up and try a large selection of the gear available whilst getting all the advice they need. So far in 2017 I’ve worked with over 20 individuals and I’m confident I can push past 50 by the end of the year. The Coaching aspect of Kiteboarding is a real passion of mine. If you would like a session with me or to demo some North Kiteboarding gear, please get in touch.

Halfway through WOO Series

Lewis Crathern WOO SeriesTime is flying by with the WOO 10 Essentials After Boosting Series. Already halfway through, I have covered Back Rolls, Transitions, Back Rolls to Toeside, One Footers and Front Rolls. Episode 6, “Back Roll Transitions”, arrives next Tuesday which is a really good one for those of you that are struggling with this move. Now that the series is entering its last episodes, expect the moves to become slightly more difficult but follow my simple steps and I’m sure you will get there.

Lewis Crathern – Other News

Lewis Crathern Worthing

Here, enjoying another summer session in Worthing…

And don’t miss Series 2, Episode 8 of ITV’s Holiday Horrors caught on Camera – filmed from a slightly different perspective of my parents. The show covers that big crash in Cape Town the other year. You can watch here: https://www.itv.com/hub/caught-on-camera/2a4166a0014

Keeps your eyes out for the next edition of KiteWorld Magazine, where our series building you up to Big Kite Loops continues.

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