Lewis Crathern: October 2017 News

1st November 2017

Lewis Crathern

“My October update includes some of the major highlights from my year so far. I received a top award, coached among some great people and, amongst other things, initiated the first Live Wireless Commentary at a World Kiteboarding event…” Lewis Crathern

Overseas Ambassador award for UK Kitesurfing 

Lewis CrathernI am delighted to take home the 2017 Overseas Ambassador Award for UK Kitesurfing. It is the 3rd year in a row that I have received this award and for me it’s one of the most valuable trophies I can get my hands on. At the end of October the British Kite Sports Annual Awards ceremony took place in Poole and I was nominated for the above role and also ‘Best Video from a British Rider’. Unfortunately ‘Chapter Me‘ just didn’t make it, but it was nice for me to be in this category this year. The video currently has over 25,000 views so it’s done well.

My role did not just finish at just collecting the award. I hosted the evening as compere and performed one of my classic Kitesurfing Quizzes which are so much fun. A great evening overall. I love what I do within the world of Kiteboarding and it feels great to be recognised for all my effort. Thanks if you voted for me. The Kitesurfing Armada also won an award, so read on for news on that.

30cm from British Record #StormBrian

Last month I climbed up to 3rd in the 2017 WOO British Biggest Air standings, with a 19.2 meter jump. When Storm Brian appeared on the radar (see main image, at top) I knew it was the perfect chance to claim top spot which was held by Toby Raw, a local rival! I needed a 21.5m+ boost so I was over the moon to download my stats and find I hit the 22.0 mark! Happiness soon turned into devastation…. could I have raised the board that bit higher to break my all time British Record of 22.3…. 30cm! That is all it would have taken!

Lewis Crathern Content with the day though and completely exhausted from kiteboarding in 50mph, I packed up and headed home, only to find my team mate Nick Jacobsen from Denmark had headed to Britain and just logged a 22.1 up in Wales, effectively putting him top of the 2017 Biggest British Boost Leadboard….I couldn’t believe it! So I’ll need another storm before the year is out but I am confident I can do it. On the plus side I break the record in my home town 🙂

Storm Brian was incredible and I’m very luck to have so many people come down to take photos and videos. Thanks Eunice for some of these images and Craig/Jim at Kiteworld Mag for producing this amazing video of the day. My Home Town of Worthing truly is the best place to Kitesurf in the World when the conditions are this good. As usual some nice coverage on the TV and in the press – scroll down to view.

Poole Harbour Coaching Clinic

I teamed up with H20 Sports and North Kiteboarding UK to run a coaching clinic over in Poole Harbour. Six participants joined me for the day which produced arguably the most challenging conditions of any clinic I have ever ran. Rain, squalls, wind, no wind, sun – we had it all! When the squalls tracked through I used the time to focus on some theory on the beach before we headed back out again. Brand new 2018 kites were available from the North Demo which really allowed the riders to adapt to the ever-changing conditions.

Lewis Crathern Poole Harbour coaching clinic

We worked a number of things like keeping the kite down low when the wind really picks up, Front rolls, Transitions and more. It was a pleasure to be kitesurfing in the unique location of Poole Harbour and I would like to thank North UK for supporting the day and also H20 Sports. See you next year in Poole, and to get a taste for one of my clinics Russel Farrington produced the best video ever from a coaching day with me – thanks mate! Watch here.

Turkey: WKL Amarok Kiteboarding World Cup

Lewis Crathern Turkey WKL

Midway through my Sardinia break, I flew out to Turkey for the 3rd stop of the World Kiteboarding League tour to commentate the Live Stream. The beautiful location of Akyaka on the west coast would be the venue which was ideal for the best Freestyle Riders in the world to go at it. This time I would be working with my mate Bas Koole just like at the RedBull Megaloop Challenge a few months back in Holland. We had a great time and with the wind pumping I felt it was one of the best Live Streams we have delivered yet.

Last month you might remember me mentioning how I planned to bring in a wireless, live on the water commentary. I find it amazing that the technology available to us to interact with the audience is already here. With my Bb Talkin headset I was able to speak live to the world and what a moment it was! In this bizarre unplanned moment whilst I was explaining the competition area, a wild dog began chasing me. I was convinced it was going to get me but I just got away! It’s been captured from many angles and you can watch the video here. The next stop takes place in Egypt from the 7th of November – Tune in via the WKL Facebook Page.

Lewis Crathern

Become a sponsor at the UK’s biggest kitesurfing event

Lewis Crathern 2018 Kitesurfing Armada

The 2018 Kitesurfing Armada Festival sponsorship phase has just launched. There are loads of opportunities to get involved and be part of the UK’s biggest kitesurfing and live music festival. From 22nd-24th June 2018, on Hayling Island, this ever-growing event will take place. The Kitesurfing Armada has been riding for over 5 years now and from a small idea shared in the back of my van, I’m stoked to see how far it has grown.

Lewis Crathern 2018 Kitesurfing Armada

What I especially like about this event is that we are attracting not just those people that kitesurf already, but families, kids and the people thinking about getting into the sport. This has to be what it is about! This year’s event was just amazing with wind every day and some of the best conditions we have ever seen on Hayling. Don’t miss out and get on board: the Kitesurfing Armada just got voted the 2017 British Event of the year yet again, and below is a great picture of Dan and myself receiving the award. If you are interested please get in touch to discuss, and check out the Official Sponsorship PDF.

Other News…

Lewis Crathern Media

Above, coverage from storm Brian.

My North Kiteboarding team mates have produced one of the best full length videos in years. You can sign up to view ‘The Bubble’ here: www.thebubblefilm.co

On my way up to North Wales now for a full coaching weekend! Will check back in soon.

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