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Adventure Travel Show

More and more people are choosing to spend their hard earned cash having a hard time! Join this growing trend and take an extreme adventure in 2017… Could you survive a week on Tonga, experience the harshest conditions on Erta Ale volcano, trek 1,700 kilometers taking the Great Himalaya Trail, or camp at the North Pole? Whatever your adventure style, the Adventure Travel Show is the place to discover trips that will push you physically and mentally or take you to the earth’s extremities.

Here we reveal our top 10 extreme adventures for 2017, all of which you can book at the Adventure Travel Show.

1. Pioneer Expeditions – Tonga Survivor Island Expedition

Adventure Travel ShowThe concept of Survivor Island is to journey into your psychology, your mental toughness, by abandoning you on a deserted island and requiring you to make do with what that island has to offer. There will be no shelter, no water, no equipment to catch anything. For you to acquire these things, you will need to innovate, create and work together as a team. That’s right, there will be another 5 Survivors on the island! Together, you will have to build shelter, gather water and food and live together on a small isolated island for over a week. This is for those that want to see how they would react in a disaster situation, those that want to see how far their minds and bodies can be pushed.

2. Discover the World – Epic NEW Snowmobile Safari in the Norwegian Archipelago of Svalbard

Adventure Travel ShowThe True Arctic Story involves taking an epic snowmobile journey to the Nordenskiöld Lodge (the world’s northernmost commercial cabin) before ice-climbing on a glacier, skiing around the fjord and visiting the Russian ghost town of Pyramiden. A separate 4 night trip includes a stay at a remote 1933 radio and weather station turned cosy hotel at the ‘end of the world’ and the 5 night option includes a night camping at the North Pole Camp in Tempelfjorden.

3. Volcano Discovery – Desert, Salt and Volcanoes

Adventure Travel ShowSpend 3 days and nights on Erta Ale volcano to observe its active lava lake, as well as visiting the colourful hydrothermal deposits and springs of Dallol volcano.

Experience the harshest conditions – the Danakil is the hottest place on earth, and even in winter time temperatures can easily reach 45 degrees. Only the ethnic Afar people live here, in very basic conditions. You will spend 4-5 nights without running water or electricity.

4. Wendy Wu – A China Adventure Tour

Adventure Travel ShowFor the adventurous at heart, embark on an odyssey that will have you hiking along the Longji Rice Terraces and one of the most untouched and remote sections of the Great Wall, seeing almost no one along the way.

This incredible active 17 day adventure will reveal China’s natural beauty, give you a deep understanding of the rich culture and give you the opportunity to soak up the monumental history. Active experiences include cycling through Yangshuo’s stunning scenery, cycling on Xian’s ancient City Walls and hiking through the rice terraces and ethnic villages of Longji.

5. Exodus – Manali to Leh Ride

Adventure Travel ShowThis unique region, home to traditional Tibetan Buddhism, is the scene for one of cycling’s epic journeys. The ride takes us from verdant forests and flower-filled valleys to barren lunar landscapes with towering peaks and hanging glaciers.

As our route weaves its way across the Indian Himalaya we get a taste of the rich Ladakhi culture and see monasteries majestically perched on high spurs, and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of a genuinely untouched land.

6. Zambezi Safari and Travel Company – Lower Zambezi Canoe Safaris

EAdventure Travel Showxplore Africa’s wild rivers and sleep under the stars at remote wild fly camps – 230km of untame adventure!

An extreme canoeing adventure – your 19 foot Canadian canoe is laden with provisions and camping kit. Your paddle props up a mosquito net over a warm bedroll at night. Not for the fainthearted and irrespective of season you probably won’t sleep much! Days are full and active, the wildlife is amazing and you’ll see a million stars at night.

7. World Expeditions – 152-day long trekking the Himalayas of Nepal on the Great Himalaya Trail

Adventure Travel ShowThe trek is a truly exploratory venture: covering 1,700 kilometres, from Kanchenjunga in the east of Nepal to Yari Valley in the west at the border with Tibet.

It features trails up to 6,190 metres above sea level and all of Nepal’s 8,000m peaks can be viewed along the way, while trekkers also have the opportunity to experience remote cultures in hidden corners of the country.

8. KE Adventure – Snow Lake and the Hispar La

Adventure Travel ShowStarting out from Askole on the approach to the Baltoro and K2, this committing glacial traverse is undertaken annually by just a handful of expeditions. A highlight of the trip is the camp on the Hispar La (5151m), where we can watch the afternoon shadow creeping across Snow Lake to the mighty Ogre (7285m) and turn to see the sun setting over the mountains of Hunza and the distant Hindu Kush to the west. Stunning scenery and a genuine sense of adventure in a high mountain wilderness are key attractions of this stunning trekking holiday in the Karakoram.

9. Pangolin Photo Safaris – Great Apes and Volcanoes in the DRC

Adventure Travel ShowWitness the Great Apes and Volcanoes in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. This exciting 8-day wildlife photographic experience is an opportunity to see the largest active lava lake in the world and the Gorillas and Chimpanzees of the Virungas.

Pangolin co-owner and head guide, Gerhard “Guts” Swanepoel, and Nelis Wolmerans, specialist primate photographer, will lead this fantastic photographic safari.

10. Oasis Overland – Cairo to Cape Town

Adventure Travel ShowSet yourself a challenge this year and spend 17 weeks travelling overland from Cairo to Cape Town. Desert, river & mountain crossings are inter-twined with stunning National Parks and some of the best adrenaline fuelled activities and playgrounds in the world. The trip includes visits to the great Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, driving across the Nubian Desert, and over-landing through the East African Rift Valley. This is truly a ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure and one that will linger in your memory for years to come.

As the UK’s foremost travel event for people who like something a little different from their trips, The Adventure Travel Show is an essential date in every traveller’s diary – it’s where your adventure begins…

The Adventure Travel Show takes place in Olympia London on 21-22 January 2017. General show tickets cost £8 in advance or £10 on the door; under 16s are free. Weekend tickets are also available for £12 in advance or £15 on the door.

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