Hit your race target with a Pace Pocket

Pace Pockets

Anyone who has ever run a marathon or a half marathon and scrambled to find their target split times mid-race should read on: a company called Pace Pockets has come up with an ingenious wristband that lists your split times whilst acting as a storage pocket for all your running essentials.

It’s a simple concept, yet one that’s extremely effective in helping you hit your race target. Devised by a team of runners who have run hundreds of races and paced thousands of runners to PBs at marathons and half marathons, the recently-launched Pace Pocket makes your mileage split times instantly accessible, so you too can get your timings right on race day.

Pace PocketEach Pace Pocket is printed with your choice of the marathon or half marathon split times you need to hit your race target. No more bits of paper getting lost or crumpled, and no more scribbling times on your arm; this is the perfect solution to keeping track of time and keeping your attention firmly focused on the race.

Marathon Pace Pockets are available from 2h45 up to 5h30, at 15 minute increments, and half marathon options are from 1h30 up to 2h30, at 10 minute increments, plus 1h45 and 2h15. Distances are currently in miles, and kilometre pockets will be coming out soon.

Pace PocketMade of comfortable fabric, the wristband also acts as a handy fold-in storage pocket for cards, cash, gels or keys.

Sports PR company Breathe Unity is proud to offer free delivery on Pace Pockets with a unique code. Go to www.pacepockets.run, select your pocket and enter code Unity2017 at checkout for free delivery.

Pace Pockets retail at £5 and it is money extremely well spent come race day!

Pace Pockets Demo

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