Launch of ASICS ‘Uplifting Trails’ documentary

In 2021, on October 10th, four ASICS FrontRunner ambassadors and their local guide reached the end of a seven-day challenge: running from one border of Lesotho in southern Africa to the other. Following on from this feat, ASICS is releasing the ‘Uplifting Trails Border to Border Lesotho’ documentary online.

The #UpliftingTrails film showcases the emotions that come with running a marathon a day for seven days straight, and gives insight into the bond between runners and the uplifting power that trail running can have on the body and mind.

Four ASICS FrontRunner members from the UK, Norway and South Africa, teamed up with local Olympian Tstotang Maine to navigate the trails of Lesotho, a small landlocked country embedded in South Africa that is known for its high elevation and challenging terrain. Setting off from the capital Maseru, they covered a total of 250 km, putting their physical and mental endurance to the test.

“The Uplifting Trails Lesotho expedition was the most rewarding and thought-provoking expedition of my life”, said Edward Clarkson, ASICS FrontRunner member from the UK. “The team experienced incredible highs, unimaginable lows, and a huge sense of pride when completing the border-to-border expedition.”

The ‘Uplifting Trails Border to Border Lesotho’ documentary has been produced in collaboration with Iconic Agency. It’s the ASICS brand’s fourth documentary following members of its running community on a border-to-border journey.