Lewis Crathern January Update

Lewis Crathern

“It’s my 8th season out in Cape Town and I still can’t think of a better place to be during the European winter. There is so much going on here with the King of The Air, Best Demo’s and my own clinics. It has truly become one of the most productive places to be….” Lewis Crathern

Lewis World Tour - China



Lew’s World Tour China Video

I’m really enjoying making a video each month! It’s quite a lot of work but it’s great to give you an insight into some of the things I get up to. This month I show you how my trip to China turned out where I competed in the PKRA World Tour. There is some behind the scenes footage at the competition where I record the audio for the event video and also action from the Slalom and Freestyle Discipline.

BEST Youth Training and Demo

clinics kitesurfingAnother year in Cape Town and more youth sessions with BEST Kiteboarding Africa. The kids are getting even better now and their approach to kiteboarding is very impressive. During our first session we looked at some of the responsibilities of being a pro rider and how important it is to conduct yourself properly on the beach.

Every kite in the range was on demo at the recent Best Africa Demo day. These are perfect opportunities for the kitesurfing public to try out a new kite. It also gives the public access to the brand with the local reps on the beach and some of the international riders available to give there advice. I spent a good part of the day testing kite sizes – models and line lengths combinations to prepare for the king of the air.

Cape Town Clinics with Lewis

‘Lewis Crathern Cape Town Clinics’ continue this year with High Five Kite School and Best Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Africa. Pictured above is my session with Tyr, Ross and Stuart who all came off the water learning some new moves. During this session we looked at coping with stronger wind, front roll transitions and boosting bigger. A few weeks before I ran a 1 to 1 clinic with Amba in perfect conditions. I made a quick video of that day take a look here. If your out this way and are interested in some coaching drop me a message I’d love to hear from you.

WOO Sports Launches

woo sportsSomething amazing has happened to the world of Kiteboarding. Woo Sports have developed a device that can record accurately our height, hang time and a number of other measurements. It’s incredible to come in after a session and see how big you have been going. I feel like this is the extra bit of motivation you need to stay out longer. You might just get that last big jump!

It’s such a small device and you don’t even notice it on your board. Pictured above is a screen grab of the leaderboards that I was involved in during the testing stages. 1st and 2nd from the UK!

The Woo is available on the Best Website here

Other News….

kitesurfing armadaThe 2015 Virgin Kitesurfing Armada dates are set: The event will take place on either the 18th – 20th September or 2nd – 4th October or 16th 18th October.

As I write this the window for the Red Bull King Of The Air has just opened. Stay up to date and watch the livestream via the King Of The Air website. I hope this time next month I am writing to you with good news of a great result 🙂

Also take a look at “Team Mates” a new series looking at what we get up to on the Best Kiteboarding Team.

Lewis demo

I hope you have all had a great start to the New Year, speak soon”