Lewis Crathern Kitesurfer – September Update

Lewis Crathern kitesurfer

“Another great month on the road and back at home. I’m finding my rhythm on the events scene again and I’ve also come together with a new sponsor. Here’s my news from September…” Lewis Crathern

1st China Big Air World Tour

Lewis Crathern kitesurfer

1st Place at the IKA World Tour in China! Pingtan is well known for its strong wind but this time it was merely 20knots in most heats. In the past lighter wind has always been my weakness, but I’ve found a new strategy with my equipment and it seems to be really working. I like the format which focuses on Risk & Height and also gives us a platform to potentially think about new moves that we can bring into the events. It’s always great to be on the podium but being in 1st is what it’s about and it really felt good to get back to winning ways.

The last event takes place in October and hopefully I can carry on riding well and finish the year on a ‘high’. I will head out to Porto Pollo / Italy in good time to get a feel for the place and see how the conditions are working. See below, the high handlepass which really helped me through my heats. Also a nice shot at the opening registration. I was really looking forwards to this event and it shows in the picture where we all have a profile shot taken before the event.

Lewis Crathern kitesurfer

Coach Crathern and Bb Talkin

Lewis Crathern kitesurfer Bb Talkin

I have teamed up with Bb Talkin in an official partnership. The action sports intercom device allows me to ‘get into your head’ and coach you an incredible way. I was amazed when I saw it back in 2014 and since then I have used it frequently during my coaching sessions. I can provide a really personal and interactive experience whilst adding an invaluable level of safety. Just imagine being able to communicate clearly to each other whilst you’re up in the air for the first time! The Bb Talkin device works from up to a mile away and for those that need to, you can even hook it up to your phone for calls and music. One of the most exciting things to me is the potential the device has of evolving kiteboarding event commentary – watch this space!!

Lewis Crathern kitesurfer Bb Talkin

WOO Series 2: ’10 Essentials After Boosting’

Lewis Crathern Kitesurfer WOO Series 2

Just before I left Canada we filmed the next WOO Sports coaching series – ’10 Essentials after Boosting’. We raised the bar this time and chose to add every possible type of angle and slow mo you can imagine, including Drone footage.

The series has been designed to help you learn those exciting moves that come after you’ve nailed your first jumps. I’ve thought really carefully about which tricks you should consider learning and the order in which you should attempt them. These 10 tricks form the basis of many Kiteboarding moves, so sit tight and prepare yourself for 10 Essentials after Boosting coming soon…

Other News

Lewis Crathern kitesurfer Inside Story BBC

Some nice bits of coverage for September. Inside Out program on BBC (can also be viewed on BBC iPlayer) featured some action shots and an interview regarding the issue of pollution at our local beaches. Worthing Herald and The Argus wrote about my latest results and my KiteWorld Mag feature is back again, this time focusing on ‘Boosting Etiquette’.

All the best and see you next month,


Lewis Crathern Kitesurfer