Lewis Crathern November News

Lewis Crathern November Update

“Time has really flown by in Vietnam. 10 days turned into 1 month! I have had some exciting new developments in my career which involves a sad goodbye + I need your help to make it into the main event at the RedBull King of The Air. Enjoy my latest”

Lewis Crathern

RedBull King Of The Air 2015

The RedBull King Of The Air is the biggest event on the calendar each year. Based in Cape Town – South Africa at the end of January, it’ simply the biggest showcase of what the sport has to offer in terms of height and extreme action. In 2013 I placed top 5 but this year I didn’t finish so well. For 2015 to enter the competition I need your help! Please Vote Here with one quick click to help me through to the main event. So far there have been a fair few entries videos from riders hoping to make it through to the last selection stage. Thankfully I made it to the last 10 where only 8 will advance into the main event!

Red Bull

9th PKRA World Tour Hainan

Before I set off to Vietnam there was one more tour stop in China. The island of Hainan would host the last PKRA tour stop of the year and it made sense to enter the Freestyle again. Conditions were very light compared to Ping Tan but my 15m TS was ideal to keep me powered on the water. As a rule of thumb in kiteboarding, the lighter the wind the larger the Kite you need.

After finishing 3rd and on the podium for racing back in Ping Tan I was really happy to come away with 9th (a top 10) in the Freestyle. It has been quite a break from the Tour for me (before China) as I have looked to broaden my career into other areas, but nothing feels better then to come back and show ‘you’ve still got it’. You can see here from the Results that the whole Best Team done really well.

Lewis Crathern

Active Beach Zone Worthing

Meanwhile back at home in Sunny Worthing the Town has been busy with new projects on the go all the time. Right near my house on the beach where I grew up there are now signs to The Active Beach Zone. This area has totally been transformed into a really cool place. There are artists studios, a watersports center, park, sand volleyball courts, paddling pool and so much more. It is the real gateway into the town from the east and it looks lovely. I love to see how my hometown is changing like this 🙂

I’d like to thank Sam Gill at Soppy Dog Cards for being so passionate about the area and for also using Kiteboarding in so much of her artwork (including the picture of me in the sign that she designed!)

Active Beach Zone

Mũi Né – Vietnam

Where do I start? Some times you visit places that completely blow you away, this is one of them! I have never been anywhere in my life so overwhelmed by the sport of Kitesurfing. What is very unique about Mũi Né is that it is extremely popular for Kitesurfing but also it’s a main spot on the tourist trail for Travellers. I always wondered what my mates did on their gap years…now I know!

Lewis Crathern

Everything is packed into one stretch of coastline, and it’s so refreshing to see so many people taking part in the sport, often for the first time. Within 2 days of being here I extended my stay from 10 days to 5 weeks. The wind statistics are incredible, I kited 15 days in a row when I got here and I’m staying at such a beautiful place on the beach – http://www.sunshine-beach.com/


With so many people here Kitesurfing I teamed up with Best Kiteboarding Vietnam and the guys at C2Sky to put on some advanced clinics. We have enjoyed some great sessions out on the water and I’ve seen so many people progress to their first jumps and BackRolls. It’s so warm in the water that you don’t need a wetsuit and you never even think of being cold. Ideal conditions to progress….


Like Cape Town Mũi Né will become a very important place to me in my life. It’s only 12 hours direct flight from London away and it’s so cheap to live here and to eat well. If your ever interested in coming out here drop me a line I’d love to help you out.

Other News….

After an incredible 10 year long relationship with Xcel Wetsuits it is time for me to move on. I would like to thank Steve and everybody at Daniel Surf for supporting me this long and for treating me like family. Above an older shot from the days of StormRiders Kite shop in Shoreham…

Kite Shop Shoreham

Up Next we have the KB4Girls running from C2Sky this weekend before I return to the UK for Christmas.

Next update I’m excited to announce a new sponsor but for now I leave you with this video of quite some crash I took out here a few weeks ago….

All the best….