Last chance to book your place at Outer Elements Running Workshop

Outer Elements Running Workshop

Outer Elements Running Workshop

The organisers of the Outer Elements Running Workshop have confirmed that just a few places remain for their Workshop on Saturday 1st April 2017.

The workshop will be presented by:

Gemma Bragg, sport and performance coaching psychology at Performance Mind consultancy

Lou Dutch, sport and remedial massage therapist and personal trainer

Kirsty Reade, running writer, coach and a founder of Underground Ultra

Kirsty Reade commented: 

“There are many elements of running we can work on to improve our performance. We runners are good at focusing on some, such as speed and endurance, but neglect others that are less obvious but could make all the difference to our running.”

The Outer Elements Running Workshop has been designed to address those less obvious and less focussed-on aspects of performance and really unlock your full potential:

– Mental aspects. Are you affected by negative thoughts such as ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’m not good enough’ or even ‘I can’t finish this race’? This workshop is designed to help you control these, as well as learning strategies to develop your mental toughness and confidence.

– Injury and rehabilitation. Injury is something we all have to contend with and its effects are not just physical. We explore the psychological impact of injury and how to remain positive in the face of it. We also look at some common injuries, their causes and how to address them when they hit us. Importantly, we will focus on how to avoid getting injured in the first place.

– Running form. How we run is crucial to our efficiency, speed, endurance and how often we get injured. Small changes can reap huge benefits so why don’t we focus more on this? We will help you to find improvements and give you the tools to keep working on your form and posture.

– Strength and conditioning. One of the classic neglected aspects of many runners’ training, strength and conditioning work will make you stronger, less likely to be injured and more likely to have good form. We will give you some basic tips on incorporating regular strength and conditioning work into your training.

Outer Elements Running Workshop date:
 Saturday 1st April 2017
Location: Upton Village Hall in Oxfordshire (OX11 9HX)
Time: from 10am to 4pm

Price is £50 per person, to include lunch, tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day.
The day will conclude with a guided social run in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

Book your place here .


Outer Elements Running Workshop

Outer Elements Running Workshop

Outer Elements Running Workshop