RMR Podcast Series 1 | Episode 1 with Wendy is LIVE

Run Mummy Run have launched a brand new podcast this May:

Running Conversations. Real-life Stories from women who run hosted by Founder Leanne Davies and Co-owner of Run Mummy Run Becs Richardson.

The podcast follows the inspirational women from the Run Mummy Run community whose stories uplift, give hope and inspire every day. RMR runners of every ability, age, size and background will be featured, and the hosts will be talking to women from all walks of life who have extraordinary tales to tell.

Episode 1 is now available to download on Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Google.


RMR Podcast Series 1 | Episode 1

RMR Member: Wendy Roper-Knight

In the very first episode of the very first series of  Running Conversations Leanne and Becs went back to the beginning. In this episode they chat to Wendy Roper-Knight, the first member of Run Mummy Run and Founder Leanne Davies, about how the community they all love got started. They had a great time going through their memories and looking back on everything that has happened since those early days of a Facebook Group with just three members!

They also bring you some essential running-related information and chat to Bridgedale Socks Sales Manager Vicky Turner to find out more about running socks and why it’s important to wear the right socks to prevent blisters and stay comfortable.

Bridgedale Socks sponsored the making of the first episode.


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