Breathe Connect

Breathe Connect Services includes Breathe Coach for an Individual or Breathe Partner for Sport Businesses. This is a stepping stone option on the path to full budget PR services, with the opportunity to see the true benefits of PR.

We have two options available in Breathe Connect Services:

  1. Breathe Coach: focuses on you as an Individual
  2. Breathe Partner: focuses on you as a Sports Business

Both options gives you unique access and visibility through our Breathe Unity channels.

Breathe Coach – A Stepping Stone for Individuals

We are here to help you as an individual grow and develop. You may be new to business, be planning a journey or want more profile for what you do, without taking the route down full PR Services.

You may need some extra skills in your tool box of life to channel your growth and development. With Breathe Coach you will have access to the best knowledge, assistance and technologies to run through thoughts and decisions that will affect your life, promotion and business.

We can help guide you, we will share our knowledge and wisdom on a variety of subjects, and we will be there for you every step of the way.

Breathe Coach Fees

We offer a “Breathe Individual Time Pack”, which is a block of 5 hours for £500 plus VAT. You can use this over two months, across telephone calls or professional individual profiling services with the Breathe Unity Team, or a mix of both.

This is a specially reduced rate to help you to go in the right direction without committing to full PR Services. We agree in principle how you want to use your time and then alter if required as we follow your journey together.

“If you have ideas for a journey and want more profile without full PR Services, then Breathe Coach is the path for you”. Rebecca Richardson, Breathe Unity MD

Breathe Partner – A Stepping Stone for Sports Businesses

In the unity approach that we are known for, you become a partner of Breathe Unity. We agree a level of promotion for your business through our channels and we work together to build your visibility, recognition and ultimately revenue.

This is a stepping stone for sports businesses leading to full PR service options, at an affordable first step price.

You will find Breathe Partner is just what you need to get that extra awareness and promotion for your business and get you going down the right path.

Breathe Partner Fees

We offer a “Breathe Business Time Pack”, which is a block of 5 hours minimum from £750 plus VAT per month. You can use this across telephone calls or professional profiling services with the Breathe Unity Team, or a mix of both.

“The first two years of business can be a lonely path and Breathe Partner can be an arm of support for you”. Rebecca Richardson, Breathe Unity MD

Get in touch to see what Breathe Connect can do for you as an individual and your business.