Sports PR +

At Breathe Unity we offer more than a standard public relations (PR) service, which is why we call what we do Sports PR + Services. 

Sports PR is a significant part of what we do at Breathe Unity: it is our passion and our expertise. We deliver highly effective campaigns for sports businesses, brands and events with a focus on Sports, Health, Fitness, Wellbeing and Tourism.

In particular, we specialise in Brand, Events, Running ,Triathlon, Health & Wellbeing sectors.

Our expertise ranges from media relations and partnership creation through to specially developed services for mass participation sports events, travel and tourism promotion and unique race day support services.

We are proud that many of our clients have gone on to win awards and enjoy huge success through working with us.

“It is PR and so much more for your business; a unique set of Sports PR services created to positively impact on your business. We added the + to make sure it is recognised why we are different and what Sports PR + Services could mean for you and your business.” Rebecca Richardson, MD of Breathe Unity

PR & Race Day Support Services for Mass Participation Sports Events

We specialise in specifically developed PR + (plus) and on-site support services for sports events and races, for the whole journey from launch right through to race day and beyond. At Breathe Unity we are a leader in this field and proud to be so.

We have developed a range of key services for mass participation sports events, including:

  • Full PR Services and Support
  • Social Media Support Services
  • Full Sponsorship Services
  • Channels of Revenue Creation and Implementation for Your Event
  • Channels of Saving Costs and Partner Introductions, Collab Approach
  • Preventative PR – a unique, unrivalled and exclusive service we offer 
  • Race Day Media Support (on site, pre and post event)
  • Blogger Engagement and Support
  • Media Runner Recruitment and Support
  • Charity Partnership Development, Recruitment and Support
  • Sponsorship Creation, Engagement and Management
  • Virtual Event Creation and White Label Service 
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Travel and Tourism Connection and Package Creation 
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management
  • Athlete Management
  • Celebrity Management
  • Crisis Management

Your event may require some or all of the specific PR and Race Day Support Services for Sport Events that we have developed. We would work through your specific requirements with you and build with solid foundations, year on year, as the relationship and income from your event develops.

Media Relations

At Breathe Unity we have great media relationships that we nurture and cherish, with a thorough understanding of what our media connections need and are looking for. We work closely with you to deliver effective Sports PR campaigns through great copy, brilliant imagery and interesting, relevant content. We then distribute this for you in various formats required by media, including press releases.

Press Release Creation, Distribution & Follow Up

Full Press Release service includes the creation of interesting articles, product release information, technical development, research, reason to run and human interest stories. We work closely with you and your business to create articles that will be of interest to the press, ensuring all correct permissions for release are granted. We then distribute the press release to the correct media audience for you and follow up to gain feedback, adjust any media angles, supply any extra imagery or arrange additional interviews.

Media Communications

There are many opportunities through various forms of media for promotion of your business and event, including competitions, live event interaction, advertising and advertorials. We will ensure that we use the best channels of promotion for you, and create and manage these channels to optimise your visibility among our media connections.

Product Placement & Follow Up

This is a bespoke media distribution service that we mould to be specific to your business and products. We do this by creating a channeled service that best fits your brand. This ranges from specific media placement for testing through to fitting sessions with journalists at various events and expos, including work for various brands at the Virgin Money London Marathon Expo. This is a key brand service and all placement is followed up to maximise coverage from your investment.

Sourcing & Responding to Feature Opportunities

As part of our Media Relations and Media Communications services, we source and respond quickly to any feature opportunities across the press and media. This includes specific journalist requests, follow ups, awareness of products through press releases and scheduled features. This allows you to maximise your product opportunity and gain further exposure for your brand in the most appropriate way.

Media Partnerships CSM (Creation, Structuring & Management)

Establishing media partnerships as soon as we start to promote an event – be it a race, launch or award ceremony – is a key channel of visibility for both parties. We have created many unique and solid media partnerships which have delivered excellent results for the events and their media partners. We are known for creating viable partnerships that offer longevity and, importantly, an enjoyable working relationship.

Social Media Platforming

Social Media Platforming is a Breathe Unity service that we deliver for our clients to ensure they have strong, relevant social media channels. We can build, manage and maintain these agreed SMP channels for your business.

Creative Business Content

Consistent creative content for your business is key. Equally, identifying a handwriting that is recognisable for your business can make a huge difference to positive association. Known also as copy-writing, we can create high quality, written content for your business use, from website text and product brochures to newsletters and press releases.

Launch Management

We launch sporting events and new products for businesses, creating exciting live and interactive formats depending on your desired impact and available budget. This is especially effective for sports events and a great time to bring together media partners, charity partners, sponsors, dignitary, stake holders, volunteers, partners and supporters, all of whom can meet, chat and grow to create a unity bond with the event.

Launch Management includes full event planning, PR, promotion and sponsorship services for:

  • Sports Events
  • Sports Conferences
  • Sports Awards
  • Sports Product Launches
  • Pop Up Support and Re Launches
  • Travel and Tourism Promotion and Connection 

Get in touch if you are interested in any Breathe Unity Sports PR + Services, and if you are looking for Public Relations (PR), Sponsorship and / or Race Day Support Services for your Sports Event .