Susie Chan Monthly Update – February 2019

Susie Chan

Welcome to the February update from endurance runner Susie Chan, who has been busy testing out some new gear whilst clocking up the miles both at home and abroad. Read on to be inspired!

1. Run 247 Feature – 1st February

Susie featured in a Run 247 article talking about her very first marathon experience – one in which she felt worn out by mile 13. Read My First Marathon: Susie Chan to find out how she prepared for the race, how she got to the finish line, and the lessons she learnt in the process. Whether you’re considering your first marathon or are on your 100th marathon, it’s a must-read!

Susie Chan Under Armour2. Under Armour trip to Munich – 4th February

Susie was invited to Munich to test out the new HOVR Infinite shoe from Under Armour. She ran around Munich’s Olympic Park in snow and sub-zero temperatures, which certainly gave the shoes a good test run – and proved a fun way to celebrate Chinese New Year!

3. Sony Experia Ear Duo test – 7th February

Shortly after her trip to Munich, Susie was delighted to put the new Experia Ear Duo from Sony to the test. She put the wireless ‘open-ear’ style headphones through its paces to test out all of the key features, and her full report can be read on the Sony Blog. As a long-distance runner who runs six times a week, Susie was the perfect person to trial the Ear Duo throughout her normal day-to-day life as well as out on her runs. Well respected in the running industry and with a huge following on her personal social media accounts, it is easy to see why she is approached by top brands to demo their products and share her experiences.

Susie Chan Sony Experia

4. Coastal Challenge Costa Rica – 9th-16th February

Susie Chan Costa Rica Coastal ChallengeSusie headed back to Costa Rica to take on the 155km Adventure Category of this multi-stage trail running race – a race which she herself won in 2017. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be this year, as the combination of new medication (following thyroid cancer last year) and immense heat made Susie feel very unwell. She had to pull out of the race, but the good news is that she was still allowed to join in the subsequent stages and enjoy the spectacular scenery and fantastic camaraderie of the event.

Susie didn’t get a result, but she loved her time running on the sandy beaches, in the thick jungle and wading through rocky rivers – whilst doing her best to avoid snakes, spiders and other wildlife!

Congratulations Susie on making the best of the situation, even when it didn’t go to plan. She still gave it her all and was a huge support to her husband and friends, whilst continuing to inspire us here back home! The experience reminded Susie how much she loves multi-stage races and we’re sure we’ll see her at another one soon.

Susie Chan Costa Rica

Photos ©Ian Corless

5. Spring-like running

Susie ChanOf course, Susie doesn’t need to be running ultras and earning medals every day in order to inspire her many friends and followers. With running very much about the day-to-day training and the people you run with, Susie’s regular posts documenting her runs close to home are a great source of inspiration.

From running through snow at the beginning of February to enjoying spring temperatures and sunshine at the end of the month, Susie always has heaps of enthusiasm and is clearly delighted to be doing the sport she loves. Just the kind of positive influence we need!

As we look forward to all that March has to bring, you can follow Susie on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and keep up-to-date with her blog at