UKRunChat reports highest engagement stats in the UK


It’s clear that running is a significant and rapidly-growing industry, yet recent statistics coming from UKRunChat are a real eye opener.

Not only is UKRunChat the most interactive and engaged running community on social media in the UK, it is surpassing iconic big names and events in its levels of interaction and engagement. With its reach averaging between 12-15 million every 48 hours on Twitter, and up to 20,000 unique handles across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter every month, UKRunChat is producing the highest engagement stats in the UK and the comparisons are impressive.

UKRunChat vs JoshuaParkerUKRunChat Founder and Director Joe Williams cites this weekend’s heavyweight world championship fight, Anthony Joshua v Joseph Parker, which boasts a huge reach and intense media focus. In comparison to this week’s 3,037 tweets at @JoshuaParker in 96 hours, @UKRunChat is receiving over 3,000 tweets in just 24 hours – so the same amounts of tweets in one day as the fight is receiving in four. Similarly, if we look at the Virgin Money London Marathon, @UKRunChat has had more than twice the mentions of the race this past month on Twitter.

What is perhaps most fascinating about these stats is that they reflect the sheer intensity and amount of talk in the running community on a daily basis.

People are simply talking about running all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, here in the UK and abroad. And they come to UKRunChat for everything related to running – from race and product recommendations to real advice and tips. UKRunChat sees a whole range of running-related chat, from fun banter discussing the merits of Bourbon vs Custard Creams through to serious questions requiring serious answers.

So, what is it about UKRunChat that gets so many people talking?

“What we see on UKRunChat is runners developing long-lasting relationships with others,” explains Joe. “The whole community is centred around relentless positivity and support that can be difficult to find elsewhere. The community gives runners a platform to chat, and many take this to the next level by meeting up at events and remaining as friends long into the future.

“It’s also the sheer range of people that make up UKRunChat. You will find every kind of running professional in the UKRunChat community, from physios and GPs to nutritionists and podiatrists, all of whom give advice and support to runners and who in turn get the benefits of engagement about all things running. You will also find every kind of runner. We have complete beginners and people who like to run short distances through to very experienced, ultra-distance runners. Some people have run all their lives, while others have found running later in life. Some love to collect medals and run every event they can sign up to, and others like to just go out for a run with friends. Everyone supports and encourages each other – no egos, just like-minded people with a shared interest.

UKRunChat Twitter“As UKRunChat evolves and grows I have also noticed that we are no longer ‘just’ an online community. We have become the go-to hashtag for runners and even host other communities within the ‘chat’, meaning we have become a media channel in our own right. You will see other communities interacting within UKRunChat, like Run Mummy Run, which is fantastic to see. Even Dame Kelly Holmes likes to chat with us!”

In addition to its highly engaged social media platforms and a fully interactive website packed with the latest industry news, UKRunChat is home to the much-loved ‘Fastest Hour of the Week’, the twice-weekly chat hour on all things running. The sponsored hour brings the B2C community together whilst giving B2B brands, products, events, services, retailers and sports technologies a powerful showcase platform.

On a ‘quiet’ day, Joe Williams reports 1,500-2,000 mentions directly on UKRunChat. That is a lot of mentions and certainly enough to keep him and his community team busy.

It is certainly fascinating to follow the remarkable volume of engagement at UKRunChat and the very positive impact the community is having at home and abroad.

Go to for further details and use #UKRunChat to be part of the conversation on social media.