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8th November 2018

Lewis Crathern kitesurfing

“During October I attended the UK DUOTONE meeting in Cornwall as well as performing a number of coaching clinics. Read on for an update on the 2019 Armada and various other brand news.” Lewis Crathern

DUOTONE Meeting, Cornwall

Lewis Crathern Duotone

I ride for DUOTONE, the leading International Kitesurfing brand which has its HQ in Germany. Whilst I have a place on the International Team which involves travelling the world for events, demo’s, clinics and so on, a big part of my role requires my presence in the UK. We have an incredible team here and once a year we get together to showcase all the new products to our UK dealers. The UK dealer meeting has become one of my favourite events of the year. We head to the beautiful west country down in Cornwall for three days to talk everything DUOTONE and Kitesurfing.

Lewis Crathern DuotoneWe also get a chance to ride together, whilst the pro team offer tuning tips and advice. Pictured: Inside the display room with one of the many interesting keynotes that take place. I love this balance between inside and out and I also find it very interesting to see what’s in the pipeline and where the brand sees the next big developments. That of course remains top secret 😉

For a sneak peak inside this special event take a look at Day 1 & Day 2’s videos.

Introducing VIVIDE™ Lens Technology by LiP

I have been riding for the LiP Sunglasses brand for quite some years now, and it always impresses me what they come up with.

You might just think sunglasses are just sunglasses but in sports, there are many different factors that come into play which have an effect on the choice of lenses. For skiers and snowboarders, it is often difficult to see contour lines on the snow. For golfers, it is  difficult to distinguish between the green of the fairway and the green of the rough. For watersports (Kitesurfing in my case), the overwhelming amount of blue colours can make it very hard to notice subtle details on the water.

LiP’s VIVIDE™ Ice Blue lenses give us control over light transmission by filtering out blue light and enhancing red and green light. This fine tuning maximises contrast and enables us to see details in or on the water or in the sky that might be missed by the naked eye. This sharpening of visual acuity allows us to see more clearly and react faster to the world changing around us.

Heading to Egypt in a couple of days, and I won’t be without them!

Coaching: London Kitesurfing Club

Lewis Crathern London Kitesurfing ClubI headed to Whitstable for a great coaching clinic with London Kitesurfing Club. No lie-ins here, it was a 7am start and temperatures were low down in the single figure area – a freezer! As Kitesurfers (especially British ones) we are used to this and thankfully my group came prepared. I explained during my briefing that “If you aren’t waking up for a sunrise session at least twice a year then you have to question your passion for Kiteboarding!

We had a great time learning to boost better, improve edging technique and so on. Throughout the morning I saw a lot of progression. Take a look at the pic below; that’s what you call a well prepared group of winter kitesurfers!

Lewis Crathern London Kitesurfing Club

Thanks DUOTONE UK, Bradley Mackelden & BoardWorx shop for the extra support.

More coaching, Rosie and Tobi!

Lewis Crathern coachingOctober seemed to be the month for sunrise sessions and this time the beneficiaries would be Rosie & Tobi. They always seem to pick the best times for coaching with me 🙂 Eunice Bergin was on hand to photograph some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen in a long while! We rushed to get set up in time for the sunrise and just made it along with a handful of others at Lancing, my local Kitesurfing Club. As I have explained many times before, I am able to speak directly to my students through the Bb TALKIN device. The magic thing about it is that it is not limited to just one person.

Pictured: All of us connected and in direct communication. It is so special to share moments like these whilst naturally delivering coaching tips.

Lewis Crathern Kitesurfing coaching

Above: A great example of a coaching moment where Rosie was nailing the front roll transition and I am advising on bar input during the rotation. We had an absolute blast in the 22 knots wind, which was ideal for my 11 meter Rebel Kite. See you again soon guys and thanks for such a great session – and thanks Eunice for the pics!

Kitesurfing Armada 2019 Board Meeting

Lewis Crathern Kitesurfing Armada 2019The Kitesurfing Armada has been running for 6 years now! It as has become customary for Dan & myself to get together to talk in detail about the next event (2019 – 21-23rd June save the date!), any upcoming changes and any feedback we have received. We love to video these meetings and past locations have included, the armada office & ‘the back of my van’ (It is a lovely van). This time though we went one step further and recorded the whole chat whilst kitesurfing via my Bb TALKIN ADVANCE devices. It’s amazing! Don’t take my word for it, watch the video here! As mentioned in the video the main changes for the 2019 event are:

  • A specific Bb TALKIN Coaching area will be present via a beach PA. Watch and learn from some of the best Pro’s in the world as they perform their moves on the water.
  • The brands marquee will now be connected to the beach (from the back) and feature its own refreshments and vibe.
  • Junior Zone – new focus on our kids. Olympics are coming, we have had an amazing history of kiters and we need the next generation to come through and keep that level up. The Armada Trust will be supporting this with its Youth Tour & taste sessions will be on site too with the BKSA.

It goes without saying that you can expect all the usual Armada activities. All the brands at the biggest brand expo in Europe, all the pro’s, access to the incredible kite spot of Hayling Island, goody bag, water safety, parties and so on. The price is even staying the same! See you next year and remember to tell everyone you are busy 21th-23rd June 2019.

Other News

Lewis Crathern Duotone Evo

– Above: The 2019 DUOTONE Evo Kite is out, the best allrounder of the range. Check out the launch video here.

– Here is a nice report in the paper from the Worthing Herald on my Rampion Schools Tour.

November is about to get busy: Egypt & Brazil are on the horizon.


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