Keeping life balanced with Lizzy Holroyd

8th May 2017

Lizzy Holroyd Bury 10K

Marketing professional Lizzy Holroyd of Key 103, the radio station for Manchester, is a bright and bubbly character with a passion for music, food and fitness. She loves her home town and she loves her job, which recently saw Key 103 partner with the hugely successful ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon, voted the UK’s best marathon (over 5,000 runners) at The Running Awards 2017. It is an inspiring event for anyone, like Lizzy, who loves running.

Yet for a single 30-something girl who has a good job, her own home and great family and friends, Lizzy is the first to admit that life isn’t always as easy as it seems. Sometimes alone, sometimes stressed and pretty hard on herself when it comes to performance and achievements, Lizzy is all too aware of the pressures on life in today’s world. But rather than let it consume her, Lizzy takes a proactive stance and has found happiness and confidence through sport (of all kinds) and writing her own online blog.

Although Lizzy has always been outdoorsy and enjoyed being active, it was only five years ago that she started running – thanks to an Australian house mate who was so fit and healthy that she felt obliged to get out and do something too! She signed up to her first 10K and, although she found the training hard at first, it soon became easier and she realised she had ‘got the bug’.

And it wasn’t just the physical benefits of running that Lizzy liked – putting on her headphones and running by the river near home became a great way to let off steam and clear her head after a day at the office. “Running really helps me to keep focused,” she confirms. “I get into the rhythm of it, I have time to think and it makes everything seem better.” She’s not the first and she certainly won’t be the last to cite the fantastic mental benefits of running.

Lizzy is now a regular at her local parkrun and has entered her first half marathon at the end of May.

Lizzy Holroyd climbingIt’s fair to say that Lizzy is a girl of many sports, running constituting just one of her many weekly activities. Her other big love is rock climbing, which she finds physically adventurous and mentally challenging. It’s hard to believe she is scared of heights, but it’s exactly this that makes climbing appeal, as it enables her to push her boundaries and develop a strong character.

“I am very competitive with myself,” admits Lizzy. “I won’t let fear stand in the way of what I want to achieve, and I want to keep going no matter what.”

Combined with the running and climbing are five or so sessions each week in the gym and weekly netball sessions as part of a netball team – little wonder Lizzy is known as the Lara Croft of the office! What’s particularly interesting is the mix of sports and the advantages she gains from each, as netball – in contrast to running and climbing – is very much a team sport and one where ‘being in it together’ plays a huge role.

“I actually first joined netball when my Australian housemate and best friend – the one who had got me back into sport – returned to Australia,” recalled Lizzy. “I was devastated and at a loss. I knew I needed to do something and meet new people, and netball pretty much saved me. It is so much fun and such a feel-good sport! We love to play and we really don’t mind whether we win or lose a match; it’s just about getting together to have a laugh and take part in sport together.”

All this sport is certainly helping Lizzy to maintain a happy and healthy balance, whatever life throws at her.

Lizzy Holroyd first 10K“I absolutely love sport and the confidence and endorphins that it gives me,” confirms Lizzy. “It is a massive part of my everyday life, it affects my outlook on life in a really positive way and it gives me great belief in myself. It gives me confidence to be alone but not lonely, to face new situations head-on and to value my own company and opinions. As part of my love of sport I am interested in fueling my body right, but I am only human so I don’t worry too much about this side of things. I’m just trying to remain healthy and balanced, as ultimately this is the key to being happy.”

We wish Lizzy the best of luck with wherever her running and many other sports take her, whilst inspiring others to get active and reap the many physical and mental benefits that sport can bring. Life is definitely not all about work, work, work – it’s play, play, play (whatever sport is right for you).

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