Stuart Amory begins The Run of Gratitude

30th July 2018

Stuart Amory

If you have those days when you really don’t feel like lacing up your running shoes and opt for an evening on the couch instead, then give a thought to Stuart Amory, who has set off today, July 30th, to run from Surbiton to Oyne in Aberdeenshire.

Determined to face this physical and mental challenge head-on, Stuart is raising money and perhaps more importantly, awareness, for mental health charity MIND. He intends to help lift the stigma that surrounds mental health to encourage sufferers who do not usually talk about their mental health problems. Acutely aware that too many people can succumb to mental health issues that can lead to the break-up of relationships and sadly, in some cases, loss of life, Stuart is hoping that his challenge will help people to start talking and in turn get help for their problems.

Stuart left Surbiton, a location very close to his home, to begin The Run Of Gratitude, so named because he is so grateful for what he has in his life already: good health, legs that work, a good relationship and the support of friends and family. He will be finishing on Saturday 18th August at Oyne, in Aberdeenshire, a place that is close to his heart in many ways.

Oyne is where Stuart’s partner, Sara, lives. Sara has made him realise that no matter how tough life can get, there is always something to be grateful for. The run and the many tough miles that he will be putting in to reach a place and a person that means so much to him is symbolic of his gratitude for things that we can so often take for granted.

Up & RunningStuart will be running to various Up & Running stores in the first part of his journey, where he will be able to pick up fresh kit and shoes, meet fellow runners and be able to talk about this challenge and his reasons for running it.

If you would like to track Stuart, he can be followed on his social media channels (see below) and you can join him for a few miles or donate to his cause. All details can be found, along with his tracker, at

Stuart started at Up & Running Surbiton on Monday July 30th – and wherever he is on his journey over the next few weeks, he’d love a wave or a cheer of support!

Instagram: @stuartmorypt

Facebook: StuartAmoryPersonalTrainer